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Bobby Runningfox has the following healings available…
To make a booking for a healing please either e-mail the office at info@bobbyrunningfox.com or Call +61 7 5596 6594
"Thank you Bobby for saving my child from a living hell."

My daughter 12 years old suffered from Juvenal Arthritis a rare case the calcium grows outside the actual bone. This becomes a painful experience as the bone gathers in one spot the muscles and ligaments react. She had already undergone one painful surgery on her leg. The doctor said this would reoccur on different places throughout her body all her life. Then Bobby Runningfox came along he somehow changed her DNA and dissolved all growths throughout the body, helped all of us to heal some emotional baggage he said contributed to the problem. My daughter now 15 and has not a reoccurrence since. She is active and healthy,

Thank you Bobby for saving my child from a living hell.

Charles & Dana, New Zealand

"I feel it was a Miracle."

I suffered from terminal Beast Cancer my Grand Mother and mother had died from the same disease years earlier. I had my uterus removed 10 years earlier because of complications, I always felt empty from that moment. The next year doctors recommended a mastectomy. I went searching for an alternative. One of my friends had seen Bobby Runningfox earlier with great success.

It took a total of 10 treatments with Bobby. During the healing process he dissolved the lumps in my breast, taught me to heal emotionally, changed DNA, put into my body an Etheric Uterus to help with chakras function and balance hormones. I feel great, I now have creative urges and I actually want to have sex with my husband. I feel it was a Miracle. There is not a word that can describe what I am feeling Thank you Bobby I bless you and your family.

Jenny Jenkins, 43, Brisbane
Spiritual Personal Training Program:  The first step is accessing what your body is doing and what it needs, to become emotionally and physically fit. Then we use an exercise program dealing with healing your demons or negative emotions; put you on a diet to fit your body’s needs. Everything is geared to harmonising you with the power of Mother Earth. “Click Here” to read more details.

To start your journey I will make you an introductory  offer:  Body reading and assessment and beginning lesson all for first timers whether you have seen me before or not, for only $70, call 07 5596 6594 to book your time.


Body Reading: Your body will speak to Bobby and give him pictures he then assesses the situation to give you an analogy of what he sees. Then Bobby will recommend an emotional healing treatment to speed up your bodies healing abilities. No physical healing.  

3/4-hour      $80

Body Healing: you get the body reading and a healing. The healing consists of lying on the table, bobby aligns your body for healing, balancing charkas, and all cells. He then finds the problems and heals or dissolves any unwanted growths. Receive a cleansing/healing pack 
1- hour     $150

Rejuvenative Surgery: This special powerful technique can rejuvenate any organ this means put a new etheric organ if they have been removed or not functioning. The trick to this healing is to find the direct cause; past lives are mostly involved and have to be healed before the surgery can take place. This involves hypnosis to access past lives, and eradicate its power over you. Change DNA programs and align to 100%. Receive a cleansing/healing pack 
1- to 2 hours     $200

Lymphatic Drain Massage: Please Note: This can be a little painful. The results are wonderful you will feel lighter and have more energy. Bobby has the gift of seeing into your body which enables him to see where the lymphatics are crystallised and then dissolve the crystallisation. You know your lymph’s are in trouble if you feel heavy and lethargic
1- hour        $120

"Words cannot express my joy,…"

I suffered from MS, diagnosed 4 years ago. Doctors gave me medication that made me sicker than the symptoms. When I question this he would ignore me as if I did not know what I was talking about. I started to search for alternatives. I saw Bobby Runningfox on stage at a Mind & Spirit Festival He talked about self healing something I never considered. After several treatments with him I no longer suffer and I know I am on the road to full recovery. He says that I actually healed myself. I know without his wisdom I would be blind and in a wheelchair.

Words cannot express my joy, my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sara Midland, 31, Victoria

"Thank you Mr.Runningfox, for giving me another chance at living life."

I was diagnosed with inoperable Prostate Cancer. I felt good until last year everything started to go bad health wise. A good friend had a seen Bobby Runningfox a year earlier with great results. I did not believe in this mumble jumble I should say I was strictly doctor minded. My wife kept nagging me so I finally went to see him.  Bobby directed me to start healing my emotional body I never dreamed that is was the cause of my problem, it was. After a series of treatments the pain was gone. I went back to the same doctor for a check up he was amazed he could not find the cancer. The doctor says that I am in remission I know that I am cured.

Thank you Mr.Runningfox, for giving me another chance at living life.

Andrew  Farkin, 46 Perth

Hot Rock Therapy:
This ancient treatment has been around for thousands of years, Cherokee people use this similar to the ancient Chinese acupuncture. Where you place the hot rocks help to stimulate different organs to balance. After the rocks you receive a relaxing body massage including the feet. And receive a powerful drum healing.
1-  ½ hours       $150

Sweat Lodge Healing: one to four people. The rocks are hot. Sit in the powerful sweat lodge to process anger, pain, sadness, and then you get to drum in this sacred centre. Then jump into a cool pool to refresh. Bring a towel, bathers and water 
1- 2 hours          $200

Full Moon Sweat Lodge- When
available, hours of rituals and teachings and a sweat. Keep track of web page to find dates and times. Sweat lodge can hold 20-25 people
3- 4 hours          $80

Dissolve Breast, Ovaries and Uterus Lumps and Cyst: Find the emotional program, and condition of chemical body that creates this condition. Align to 100% and dissolve the lumps or cyst. Receive a cleansing/healing pack.
1- 2 hours           $150

Distant Body Healing: For all illnesses. Photo necessary, Bobby will work on each person for a full 15 days. Send all info of the illnesses, age, when diagnosed, gender, material status. Many miracles have been achieved using this healing modality, send photo via email info@bobbyrunningfox.com or send photo to PO Box 1120 Nerang, Qld 4211
15 days          $400

Healing Cancer- Depends on how long ago the diagnosis, what treatments have you already had, do you take full responsibility for creating this dis-order? I work intensely with you 3 times a week 2-3 hour sessions for a full 1 month. I also teach you how to heal yourself and how to use your power for healing. This includes drumming nite, group meditations and sweat lodges.
I can arrange a live-in accommodation with meals the cost will be extra.

1-month          $3500

"…within 2 days all symptoms disappeared."

I suffered from hypertension, high blood pressure, and little boils on my bottom. I made the call to Bobby Runningfox within 2 days all symptoms disappeared. I now have my whole family on his hot line, the miracles keep coming. The healing were not limited to physical problems, court cases, mental illnesses, getting jobs, finding love, the list went on there is no limit to his healing power.  Thank you for the joy you have giving myself and my family

Tillie , 83, Dallas Texas, USA

"35 days later I went for a blood test they could not find the cancer."

I heard about Bobby Runningfox through some friends that came to visit me from Australia. I was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, I went to pieces emotionally. I am sceptic on such matters but I guess when your life is on the line you start to open your horizons.

I joined Bobby’s 30 day healing program within the first two weeks I did not feel any discomfort I kept on doing Bobby’s suggestions and treatments. 35 days later I went for a blood test they could not find the cancer. My doctor ordered another blood test, this really blew his mind. I have a new lease of life I am currently working with Bobby’s Life Mastery course through the mail; and E-mail. When Bobby asked for a testimonial I couldn’t offer it fast enough. Thank you Bobby, for your healing work on this planet. If you are ever in my part of the country, you and your family are welcome to stay with us.  Bless you. 

Dan Forth, 45, Hawaii. USA

"5 months now the test came back last week the doctors could not find the cancer."

First I want to thank you Bobby Runningfox for helping me find my true self and my spiritual journey. I was diagnosed with uterus and ovarian cancer 5 months ago I know I was too young to have it, but there I was. I was abused as child and was raped when I was 16. I hated being a woman, as you informed me that is why I created this. I was faced with certain death. My auntie that lives in France, she had come to see you for a healing last year in the Gold Coast, Australia. She gave me your contact details. You suggested the 6 month program, for optimum effect. I don’t know the magic you used to help me but I want some of it in my life. Within 3 months I did not experience any more pain, my periods went back normal. 5 months now the test came back last week the doctors could not find the cancer. I have tears in my eyes writing this testimonial of life. I know that I can create a joyous life thanks to your wisdom and your love. I cannot express in words what you have given me.  

Janelle G, 35, Venice, Italy

To make a booking for a healing please either e-mail the office at info@bobbyrunningfox.com or Call +61 7 5596 6594